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"Chris is very helpful and is happy to help me with any of my needs. He has helped me advance my playing tremendously."

"We are thrilled he is teaching David. He is very professional and a great fit for David. David likes Frank and is excited to learn from him. He is learning the different scales and how to practice with good tone and control. Thanks for sending him our way!"

"She takes time to select music that Max is truly interested in to engage him. He enjoys his lessons."

“Andrew is progressing so fast and loves working with Leon! I would recommend him to any aspiring drummer.”

Stan and Marie:
“Char really likes her lessons and instructor. The alto sax is totally new to her and we are seeing improvement. She didn’t like to practice at first but now she is getting better at practicing and it sounds like it too! Thanks for all you do!” 

“Chris consistently displays a positive attitude. His encouragement and support to my children have led to significant advancement. He creates a comfortable environment that allows them to thrive.”

“Cole is a great teacher. He commented how he LOVES teaching kids how to play the piano. This alone tells me he has a passion for the job. Wow! He deserves everything you bestow on him.” 

“Derek is thoroughly enjoying his guitar lessons with Jason. They are a good match; Jason is prompt, personable, and professional. Having not had lessons for several months, they are working on reviewing some materials as well as delving into some new skills.Lindsay has Nicole for piano. That is going great as well. She has learned a tremendous amount in the past several weeks. Nicole does a good job keeping her lessons fun yet focused. Lindsay is very enthusiastic and is very much enjoying her lessons. I especially like that she keeps close tabs on starting off with good form to prevent poor habits from the start, and teaching quite a bit of theory – a very strong beginner foundation.”

"When I asked the kids for feedback the one thing Christopher commented on is that he would actually be ok with Chris providing constructive feedback if he senses that he didn’t work as hard during the week as maybe he should have. :) Having a child indicate that they are comfortable enough with a teacher to seek constructive criticism says it all!"

“Jason is great! He is such a talented musician. I love that fact that he teaches the tedious work of learning cords, technique, and fingering in Nate’s favorite songs. Nate looks forward to his weekly lesson and because he is learning by song, spends hours practicing without coaching from us. He has learned so much in such a short time.”

“Julia has really connected with Lindsay. She has made great progress and we are so pleased with what Along Came Music provides… convenience, quality and results! Because of Julia’s experience, her older sister is now interested in piano lessons and we look forward to starting her as well.” 

“Just wanted to let you know that Annie had her first lesson with Steve tonight and it went great! Annie said that he was awesome!! We are impressed with your match making skills once again!” 

“Lessons are great! Matt is a wonderful teacher and very patient with James. James likes him and I think he is a good fit as a teacher.”

“Lessons with Tetsuya are going great. He is very enthusiastic with the kids. He is also patient and kind. He sends reminders for the classes, is flexible, and he arrives on time. In our situation, the ability to teach each of the boys is wonderful.”

“Marisa loved her lessons. She learned a lot. I can attest to the value of your services. It was great to be able to give her lessons yet have the convenience of having them in our home versus carting her around the city.” 

“My kids are enjoying piano lessons and are progressing faster than I expected. They just performed in their first recital which gave them a lot of confidence in their abilities. Nicole has high expectations, but I feel it is paying off.”  

“We have a great match. Lessons are going very well.”

“We have been so pleased with Joel. Our older daughter is talented and motivated and has done well with her former piano teachers, but she has made remarkable progress since she began working with Joel in January. He also makes piano fun for our younger daughter who is just beginning to play piano, and she is learning quickly.” 

“We love Dan! He does lessons with our 6 and 9 year olds, and he does each at their level making sure to keep them interested. They think Dan is great! "

“Zoe loves Jason and has learned so much from him! Her lessons with him are something she looks forward to every week. I am so happy he was willing to take on a 6 (at the time she started) year old for drums.” 

“Every time we’re finished with a lesson, my daughter says, “I like Jason — he’s a good teacher. Can he be my teacher forever?” He’s extremely positive and loves what he does. We’re learning techniques while playing our favorite songs — so fun! — and we walk away from every lesson with a well-defined practice plan.” 

"Vivian is very interested in the piano and Chris has been great. He arrives on time, gets right down to business. One thing I noticed is he is very good with her. He corrects gently and gives lots of praise when Vivian hits the right note.

“Karla is a very inspiring teacher with a lot of patience. She is also a very talented piano player which inspires my daughter to keep taking lessons.”

Testimonials | Roseville, MN | Along Came Music | 651-204-0929

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